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My work addresses the inherent subjectivity of perception with an emphasis on the experiential elements of space, light, and movement. Since moving from Chicago to the sun-filled skies of Nevada, I have grown increasingly aware of the subjective nature of light, and am compelled to appreciate the unique context of a particular space, time of day, and light source.

This research is a continuation of my long held interest in energy as an embodied experience. This is an experience not limited to the corporeal, but is one in which energy manifests materially yet is perceived in various ways depending on the external environment and the individual cognition of the viewer.

In my current body of work I manipulate the patterns of the various meshes and cut screens in an attempt to capture the energy, rhythm, and mutations of dynamic moiré patterns. Each glance from a different angle changes the composition of light, color, and pattern, and so creates a series of immanent experiences that suggest an endless possibility of potential interactions with the work.