The Print Center Digital Exhibition Jan-March 2024

The Contemporary Print at Print Austin Winter 2024
The Print Center Semifinalist for the 98th Annual International Competition

SkopArt artist residency, Skopelos, Greece

Maake Magazine Issue 13 Interview

My work is born from a strong interest in sensory experiences, more specifically, the perceptual complexities of light and color. As a means of exploring these two visual elements I often incorporate materials that are highly sensitive to ambient situations, such as screens, mesh, and other perforated textiles. This is in part due to a screen's unique ability to be either an opaque or transparent medium depending on variations in environmental context. For example, shifts in a person’s angle of view, changes in light from the time of day, or movement caused by airflow, all render the viewing experience differently. The addition of color increases this effect, and so by combining layers of colored screens, I encourage light, space, and color to transform and mutate. In this sense, there is an endless possibility of potential interactions with the work. Such a multifaceted viewing experience highlights not only the inherent subjectivity of perception, and all the uncertainty that this entails, but also the pleasure that can be derived from tenuous and ephemeral relations with light and color.